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What is Quiz Crawler?

Quiz Crawler is a turn-based 2D dungeon crawler where you answer video game related quiz questions in order to cast powerful spells or simply swing your weapon to defeat enemies and progress through a vast world filled with enemies, quirky NPCs, rare encounters, randomly generated items and more. It is the ideal challenge to prove that you know everything about games!

Your Character


This is your character. You will equip him with new armor and weapons that drop from enemies you have defeated. As you grow stronger, a perk system allows for customization and you can choose to build him as tanky fighter, a stealthy assassin, a fireball hurling mage, or anything in between. What’s your preferred way of killing goblins?


choose an action!

When facing an enemy, you will have several options: You can perform a basic attack, cast a spell from your library of spells, use a potion or other consumables from your inventory, or simply attempt to run for your life…

The power of quiz!

When you have decided whether to cast a spell or swing your weapon, you will be faced with a video game related quiz question. In order to succesfully hit your enemy, you have to answer correctly. Some powerful spells require you to answer a certain amount of questions in a row. Consumables can be used to eliminate options and more.


When you answer a question correctly, the enemy takes damage and you will be one step closer to killing him. The enemy’s chance to hit is calculated based on yours and his stats and the enemy will have a chance to hit you each turn no matter if you answer right or wrong.


Loot and items


Main Weapon

All weapons have randomly generated stats so that you’ll never run out of new ways to sever the heads from the bodies of your enemies.


In your off-hand you can choose to equip shields that improve your defensive stats, magical orbs that improve your spells, or simply an extra melee weapon to boost your physical attacks. Just like the main weapons, their stats are randomly generated.


Armors also have randomly generated stats and are divided into three types; head gear, chest piece and leg piece. They can be combined freely to customize your character.


An artifact is the only type of equipable that doesn’t change your appearance, however, they highly boost your character’s stats and gives you more freedom to build your character as a battlemage, a stealthy berserker or whatever your heart desires.


A wide range of consumables are found throughout the game. Traditional fantasy consumables include health and mana potions. But..! there are also unique items that can remove incorrect answers, swap out a question with a different one, or even destroy a question category permanently (who wants those annoying Fortnite questions anyways?).