when will the game be released?

We still have no idea. Sign up for our newsletter in the bottom of the page to be the first to know!

which platforms will the game be released for?

We are planning on realeasing the game for iOS, Android and PC.

how many enemies are going to be in the game?

There are currently planned 27 enemies for the initial release, but we plan on updating the game with more content frequently.

Will the game ever run out of quiz questions?

The game will have thousands of questions and will be updated to have questions relating to the latest video games, so that’s very unlikely!

Will there be questions about (X) game?

We are constantly adding more quiz questions pertaining to many different games, but if you want to increase the chance that there are questions featuring your favorite game, please tell us about your idea on facebook or quizcrawler@gmail.com.

Where can i follow your progress?

You can follow our progress on this website, facebook or sign up for our newsletter in the bottom of this page.

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